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To me Readers: Yes I have been gone a long time I have been ill and injured and fighting with my own personal Demons.  I can’t grantee that I will publish often but I will do my best to finish reviewing the stack of books that I have been given.  Though occasionally for my own sanity I must read and review something that has crossed my path and caused my mind to wonder.

Nearly Fifty years ago in 1966 the book Tarnsman of Gor, by John Norman was first published.  This was the first book in the Gorean Sagas or the Sagas of Counter Earth.  This Saga came to my attention because I have friends that play a Role Play Game based on the books in Second Life.  A game within the game if you will.   The codes of these Role Players intrigued me so that I sought out the books.  The first books I have been able to sit and Read in months.

The world of Gor in the novels is a planet that sits just opposite our sun at all times, Thus it’s second name of counter Earth.  This fictional sister to our world is controlled by alien beings that the inhabitants call the Priest-Kings.  These mysterious creatures use space ships to take humans from Earth, in secret, to live on the world of Gor.

The Tarnsman of Gor follows the journey of one such man.  Tarl Cabot is taken from Earth to be a trained as a Warrior Tarnsman. The Tarn being a giant bird that warriors of Gor use to fly into battle.  Once trained he joins the High cast of warriors and is sent on a mission to bring down the plot of a man who would Rule all of Gor. He lives through a harrowing adventure and finds the love of his life.

The only problem I see with the series is that it is very much a product of the misogynistic notions of a half century ago.  For on Gor no woman can live without a man to protect her.    Be she a free companion or a slave.  and any woman be she free or not may be chained or beaten as her owners sees fit.  For even a free companion is owned by someone.  This martial barbaric society has it’s charms but in the fifty years since the book was written; Women here on Earth have fought the same struggle.  Here in The United States and in Europe woman have gained power and freedom. But many women are still struggling with being owned and at the mercy of such things as Sharia law.

Read these books for the story but remember that they are only stories and the notion that a Woman needs to be owned and dominated should be left in the book.  For a real women should be treated with respect and permitted freedom to choose her own path.

From The Poet’s Mouth,

Lyda Mae Dameron

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Yes folks the rumors of my demise have been greatly exaggerated.  Though heaven knows the last year has tried, first there was the collapsing stool that lived up to its name then there was a car accident followed by a trainer at the gym who is incapable of understanding the words I have a spine injury.  All of which left me in a world of hurt again and again.  I have also been dealing with the recent death of my uncle.  Loosing someone who you loved fondly can put your mind off all else as you grieve.

But I digress,

“Rock Band Fights Evil Volume #1” by D.J. Butler is a very interesting thrill ride through a world where Hell wants everyone for breakfast.  A group of people who are damned for sure are forced together in strange circumstance and find themselves trying to fight back against Satan himself one fight at a time.  It’s interesting and not bad, though it serves a few too many of my own sacred cows up as a smorgasbord for my own taste.  Just be warned that in this universe angels are not to be trusted and fairies are half daemon and might be on the side of good.  But after a while jokes about boobs get old.  Now that I think about it this would make a good series of B movies.  Just don’t expect me to be in line at the theater I will wait for the DVD.

From the Poet’s Mouth,

Lyda Mae Dameron

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I usually review books intended for older readers but some times you come across a series meant for young kids that you wish was written when you were in Elementary School.  ‘The Strength of Wild Horse’ is the sequel to the 2008 book ‘Hold on to your Horses’. Both books are written by Sandra Tayler and illustrated by Angela Call.  The books are about a young girl named Amy who has ideas that are like wild horses and being young she has not yet learned the restraint to keep her ideas from running away with her.  In the first book ‘Hold on to Your Horses’ Amy learns something about leading her ideas instead of letting them lead her.  This is a stage in life that all young children must go through.

In the second book she learns to use her ideas to help those around her, like her older sister Kari. Kari has a terrible time trying to take care of Amy and their Baby brother while their parents are out one evening.  Just when Kari thinks nothing can go right Amy and her wild ideas save the day.  The books are filled with wonderful pictures that will take your breath away and sage advice that can be enjoyed by both young and old.  These books can be ordered by going to and going into the Schlock Store. While you are there I suggest that you look for Sandra’s books “Cobble Stones 2011′ and ‘Cobble Stones 2012’ these books of essays selected from Sandra’s blog ‘One Cobble at a Time’ are very uplifting for adults to read.

From the Poet’s Mouth,

Lyda Mae Dameron

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I have always believed that people should support the efforts of our children in the local community.  This means going to Little League games and to High School Theatre Productions and anything else that they can attend that will encourage our children.  Last night I found myself in my home town of Tooele, Utah.  The local High school was putting on a production of “Disney’s High School Musical’.  My motivation for coming to see that specific production was a young woman in a pink hat who was part of the chorus.  She bares a striking resemblance to me because I am her Aunt.  Like me she is an artist, a poet and an actor.

Despite the many times that the movie ‘High School Musical’ aired on The Disney Channel, I had never seen it.  This means that this was my first time to see the story as well as to view the students who preformed it.  It was truly an old home week experience for me as I have preformed on the stage they used many times as a child and half the names in the program are likely related to people I grew up with.

The singing was quite good, the choreography quite dazzling.  The acting was believable, These students truly understand the waking dream that is the theatre.  They reminded me so much of my own High School experiences.  Their teacher and director Mr. J. Scott Henrie is no doubt an inspiration to them.

The story’s message of nonconformity and abundance of pratfalls and penny stinker jokes was worth the time it took to sit through it.  I was also delighted by the costumes that the characters wore.  From the colorful dresses of the drama teacher to the Star Wars tie I saw on one of the nerdy students and the lovely dresses worn by Shapay, Gabriella, and Taylor.

This show was double cast so I only saw the cast which preformed on Saturday Night March 1st.  Young Emily rice who played Gabriella was very sweet and sang with true emotion.  Colton Fowler who played Troy’s only problem was that his voice cracked a little when he was showing deep emotion, which works for the character.  Breanna Lyman who played Sharpay managed to pull of that word the rhymes with Witch very well at the same time portraying the true insecurities of a girl named after an ugly bread of dog.  She was also very graceful when it came time to take a pie in the face.  An actor that can do all that may have a future in entertainment.  Issac Seal who played Shapay’s henpecked younger twin brother Ryan was delightful in his constant fight to be himself instead of his sister’s stooge and when he finally shows his true colors at the end you just want to at least pat him on the back.  His portrayal of the character was just so good.  I would also like to point out Sydney Knight who played Kelsie (The composer of ‘Juliet and Romeo in Tinsel Town’). Sydney’s enthusiasm was a delight.  If I were to go on and praise each student that I liked in this cast I would end up with a review far to long to read.

The adult members of the play cast were drawn from THS’s faculty.  These teachers did very well in helping their students to create the illusion of ‘Albuquerque, New Mexico’s East High’  I commend them for their humor, their grace and their own talents.

From The Poet’s Mouth

Lyda Mae Dameron

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Captain Dace is an Orphan from a world that is known as a cosmic joke, who got where she wanted the hard way.  She is now the pilot of her own trading vessel with membership in the Guild of Free Traders, at least she was until her ship blew up.  Now she is stuck on a planet where the human population has backslid to the Iron age and so called anthropologists are playing havoc with the locals.  One going so far as to impersonate Robin Hood.  She must fight for her life with conspiracy inside conspiracy and no Idea who she can trust.

Nexus Point (The Fall of the Altairan Empire) is the first  book published by Author Jaleta Clegg and it takes you through lots of action and plot twists that will leave you dizzy and occasionally make you giggle.  My only complaint is a minor inconsistency in the main character’s back story.  How can she have learned how to season food while working in a cafeteria and burn water at the same time?  That notion just does not sit well with me.  Perhaps it is the Persian knot of the work.

From The Poet’s Mouth,

Lyda Mae Dameron

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Today I step away from story books for a moment and review a How To book.  I originally got this book for my eleven year old daughter but liked it so much that I had to get a second copy for my own use. The ‘Monster Book of Manga Drawing: 150 Step-by-Step Projects for the Beginners’ by David Okum is one of the most comprehensive books on  how to draw Manga Style Comics I have ever seen.  It starts with the basics of tools and goes through some of the most difficult Items for and artist to draw like hands and feet.  It’s explanation of how to draw faces and it’s step by step projects give you every character type imaginable.  It talks about classic hero team dynamics and Inking techniques.  There explanations of what Manga mean and about different types of Manga.  The book even gets into types of monsters and characters of the ubber cute Kawaii variety.  Kawaii is the category all Pokemon fall into.  There is also a section at the back for how to illustrate different types of Martial Arts.  The details of postures and moves are very detailed but I agree with the book’s disclaimer.  Attempting any of the moves in the book physically, without proper training  from a experienced human teacher would be very foolish.

From The Poet’s Mouth

Lyda Mae Dameron

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Suzanne Elizabeth Anderson gives stone hearts a reason to soften with her tales of the travels of one very special Teddy Bear.  It begins when Miss Millie is forced to close her shop as the small town she grew up in begins to fade away. Too many of the younger generation moving to bigger cities. Now she must find a way to continue in life without a store to sell her precious Teddy Bears. The night before packing up her store she says a prayer. The next morning she finds a strange package on her doorstep with no return address. Inside is a mysterious blue Teddy Bear with a note on fine white stationary. The note reads “God loves you ~ Chester Blue.”  Miss Millie having found comfort in the message gives Chester a proper name tag and a little suitcase with something special inside besides the note which is Chester’s message to the world. She then passes him on to twin brothers in need of comfort. Chester then gets to travel the country giving help and hope to those in need.

If you have story time at your house, if you believe in God, if you need a reminder that you are loved, then this is a book you should read.

From The Poet’s Mouth,

Lyda Mae Dameron

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