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‘The Gods of Garran’ by Meredith Skye tells a wonderful and imaginative tale that had me deeply enthralled.  The people of Garran once prospered under the direction of their Gods the Borrai. Then the Chanden came from the sky and killed the Borrai, claiming Garran and it’s riches for themselves while turning the inhabitants into their slaves.  Now there is a war brewing as the Garrans plan to revolt in answer to the brutal beating of a small boy. Tribe plots against tribe, forcing one young man to make hard choices to save what family he has left. His only hope is a Chanden Agent, who will end up giving her life over to a cause that she never even dreamed of for a world she wants desperately to leave behind.

There is an old Latin phrase, ‘Inter arma enim silent leges.’ it means ‘In times of war the law is silent.’ Meredith Skye does a wonderful job of creating characters and conflict that one can relate to and in illustrating the truth that in war there are villains and heroes on both sides.  The fact that both sides are guilty of terrible things leaves one with pause to think.  Because of the violence I would only recommend this book for mature readers, but I would definately recommend this book.

I would like to apologize for taking so long to post this review as my recovery from my fall took so long and was delayed by other medical issues.  I promise that I will get up my review for ‘Rock Band Fights Evil 1’  by D.J. Butler just as soon as I can finish reading it.

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Lyda Mae Dameron

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I had hoped to be posting a review of “Gods of Garran” today but due to a freak accident involing the colaps of a folding chair my spine is very badly bruised. I won’t be allowed to type on a computer myself for several weeks. Please have patients while I recover.

FromThe Poet’s Mouth if not her hand,
Lyda Mae Dameron

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I have not posted a review in a few weeks because I have been working on preparations for the upcoming WesterCon 67 and FantasyCon, Fourth of July weekend extravigansa in down town Salt Lake City, Utah.  I will be presenting a costume on stage and I have been sewing and choreographing and practicing and researching.  It’s all coming together, I think that it will be worth all of the work, though in the end I will be sore and tired I will be stronger for the work I have put in.  Those of my readers who see me at the con will be a little surprised that I will be using a walker for the con but will not be using support on stage. This is because I need the walker to protect myself from overzealous crowds who might knock me down.  Under my own power I can do martial arts and dance to a certain level. I even recently found out the hard way that I can do a dodging roll if given the right circumstances.  Though I ended up with an injured neck and a very bruised knee for my troubles.  I will never be able to do some of the fancier moves or steps I once did but for now so long as I don’t push too hard or get trampled like I did at ComicCon Salt Lake I should be able to show you all what I can do.  The Masquerade costume stage presentation will be Friday the Fourth of July from 7pm till 9 pm. Hope to see you all at the Con.

From The Poet’s Mouth

Lyda Mae Dameron

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It’s now a New year and that means Hiatus over.

I have just finished a wonderful book that I would like to gush about.  ‘The Flux Engine’ by Dan Willis is a wonderful ride through a Steam Punk/Fantasy world where places I know in the real world are turned on their side in the times of Wild Bill Hickok.  With Vampires caused by a disease that came into existence during the American Revolution and genetically engineered alligators that hunt over land.  Air ships that posses intelligence and crazed  warriors bent on conquering the world.  The use of Steam Tech mixed with Atlantis Chrystal Tech gives one over to fantastic imaginings.  The book is clearly intended to be the first in a series and it leaves one wanting the next volume.

From The Poet’s Mouth,

Lyda Mae Dameron

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I have not posted in so many weeks because I have been ill.  Lots of migraines which make it hard to read and a flare up of a digestive aliment I have suffered since I was a child.  I will be going in for oral surgery this next week to remove several damaged teeth.  I expect to be too loopy to do anything for at least a week after.  Hopefully I will be able to post something constructive once I recover.  Thank you for your patience.

Lyda Mae Dameron

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