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To me Readers: Yes I have been gone a long time I have been ill and injured and fighting with my own personal Demons.  I can’t grantee that I will publish often but I will do my best to finish reviewing the stack of books that I have been given.  Though occasionally for my own sanity I must read and review something that has crossed my path and caused my mind to wonder.

Nearly Fifty years ago in 1966 the book Tarnsman of Gor, by John Norman was first published.  This was the first book in the Gorean Sagas or the Sagas of Counter Earth.  This Saga came to my attention because I have friends that play a Role Play Game based on the books in Second Life.  A game within the game if you will.   The codes of these Role Players intrigued me so that I sought out the books.  The first books I have been able to sit and Read in months.

The world of Gor in the novels is a planet that sits just opposite our sun at all times, Thus it’s second name of counter Earth.  This fictional sister to our world is controlled by alien beings that the inhabitants call the Priest-Kings.  These mysterious creatures use space ships to take humans from Earth, in secret, to live on the world of Gor.

The Tarnsman of Gor follows the journey of one such man.  Tarl Cabot is taken from Earth to be a trained as a Warrior Tarnsman. The Tarn being a giant bird that warriors of Gor use to fly into battle.  Once trained he joins the High cast of warriors and is sent on a mission to bring down the plot of a man who would Rule all of Gor. He lives through a harrowing adventure and finds the love of his life.

The only problem I see with the series is that it is very much a product of the misogynistic notions of a half century ago.  For on Gor no woman can live without a man to protect her.    Be she a free companion or a slave.  and any woman be she free or not may be chained or beaten as her owners sees fit.  For even a free companion is owned by someone.  This martial barbaric society has it’s charms but in the fifty years since the book was written; Women here on Earth have fought the same struggle.  Here in The United States and in Europe woman have gained power and freedom. But many women are still struggling with being owned and at the mercy of such things as Sharia law.

Read these books for the story but remember that they are only stories and the notion that a Woman needs to be owned and dominated should be left in the book.  For a real women should be treated with respect and permitted freedom to choose her own path.

From The Poet’s Mouth,

Lyda Mae Dameron

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