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On the 6th of June the second season of Orange is The New Black hit Netflix for streaming. The series is produced exclusively for Netflix and has found itself to be highly popular. It is not however for children and should be classified as porn.  Not every scene involves nudity, but there are graphic depictions of almost every imaginable sexual act.  They do not hold back about the lack of privacy in a prison, including uncensored shower scenes and strip searches.  I know some people will read this and think, “Oh I have to watch that show.” just because they find that stuff to be a turn on.

I say don’t watch it for the titillation, watch it for the plot if you are going to watch it. The story lines of how all these women got into one Federal prison are interesting. The black market the smuggling of things in and out. The turf war over job stations. The corruption among the warden and the staff. Much of it is a good example of why not to get yourself tossed in “The Litch” as Litchfield Penitentiary is called by it’s residents.

In the first season we met Piper Chapman. A woman from a upper middle class white suburban family who was convinced by a former lover to carry drug money. In the Pen she encounters not only her former lover, who turned her in, but a Russian cook who runs “The Litch’s” black market from her Russian Mafia contacts on the outside. (Payed by Kate Mulgrew of Star Trek and Mrs. Culombo fame.). A Jamaican woman who killed a man for raping a young girl. An insane black girl called Crazy Eyes who tries to make Piper her prison wife. A Nun who was part of a political movement. A transgendered woman who is fighting for the right to have her hormone pills, and a Meth head who shot an abortion nurse and has gone religiously nuts just to name a few.

At the end of season one Piper is in a very nasty looking fight with Meth Head Pensetucky. No one knows if Piper is going to end up Killing her attacker in self defense or not. At the beginning of season two we find ourselves with Piper in the SHU or segregated housing unit. She has received no word if Pensetucky is alive and before she knows it she is whisked off to Chicago by US Marshal transport to conditions that are much harder than “The Litch.” She is not told why, only that there is going to be a trial. Meanwhile back at Litchfield Pensetucky comes out of the SHU to face her fellow inmates and the fact that she now has most of her teeth knocked out. The prison counselor trades Pensetucky her silance about him not stopping the fight for a set of false teeth. Red the Russian cook is now barred from the kitchen because of the exposure of her smuggling ring by a guard who was forcing her to smuggle drugs with her other contraband. Drugs that killed at least one girl last season. A woman from Tasty’s past named V comes in to stir things up with her own smuggling operation. (Tasty is a black girl who works in the prison library.) A girl by the name of Brook also stirs up some of the other inmates to a hunger strike, and finally the administration finds out that Diya is pregnant allowing them to bring rape charges against the prison guard that was caught with her in the utility closet.

There is so much more that goes on, and each episode gives you more reason to think about how your own life might have gone wrong and you could have ended up like Piper.

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