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Farmville 2 by Zynga Games is a contrivance intended to separate fools from their money.  The first Farmville was fun to play on FaceBook until they added the notion that you needed to get materials for building your buildings and charging real money for the materials.  If you were patient enough to wait for the materials from your friends sending them as gifts you might spend a whole month trying to get a nail to finish your barn.  This need for materials also caused someone desperate enough to spam their own friends with requests for materials in a game that most of your friends did not play.  After a time I just gave up on playing the first version because I did not want to pay for virtual objects at such a high price.

I recently decided to play Farmville 2 and give it a try.  In 1 week I spent a little over $40 on FarmBucks.  Much of this was spent on baby formula for my animals. There are also so premium animals that I have bought.  These animals are nice to have because they produce more milk or eggs or wool.  Their price along with formula costs  makes them one thing I hate.  Pixels that eat.  This is a term for any virtual animal you buy which requires virtual food that you must also buy.  After they age to adulthood you can feed them from the crops you grow, but this does not excuse their real world price.  You can look at it as being no worse than splurging on candy or outright robbery.  Though it is more expensive to play Farmville 2 than World of Warcraft or have a premium account in Second Life. You also still need to buy certain building materials or wait for them as gifts if you don’t have the means to grow or make them yourself.  Though I do like the filter that lets you send requests to only the friends that play the game.

I don’t see myself continuing with the game for very long. I may like farm simulators but I would prefer one you buy on a disc and don’t have to pay any future fees to play. Like the old DOS based SimFarm game.

From The Poet’s Mouth,

Lyda Mae Dameron

You may contact The Poet or her friends by e-mailing (ravendove922@yahoo.com).


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