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‘The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie: A Flavia de Luce Novel’ by Alan Bradly is the first book in the Flavia de Luce Series.  It introduces us to eleven year old Flavia, a very precocious young girl with a talent for chemistry and mysteries as well as a fascination for poisons.  When her father’s past lands him in jail as a murder suspect it is up to young Flavia to find the real killer. It all begins with a very rare stamp stolen just before the death of one of her father’s teachers when he was a school boy.  The intrigue will get Flavia into one dangerous situation after another until she finds the truth.

I found the character of Flavia to be delightful. I also found the rivalry between Flavia and her older sisters to be completely believable. The small English village that Flavia lives in is quaint and full of Characters that are easy to relate with. The final answer to who the murder is was well thought out. It does leave one with a desire for more and there are now several books in the series available for kindle.

From The Poet’s Mouth,

Lyda Mae Dameron

You can Contact The Poet and her friends by e-mailing (ravendove922@yahoo.com)


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