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Kevin J. Anderson has done it again with the novel ‘Hair Raising’.  Dan Chambeaux of Chambeaux and Deyer has his work cut out for him when the world Horror convention comes to the Unnatural Quarter.  Recent novels written by ‘Penny Dreadful’ have turned the zombie into a celebrity, whether he like it or not.  A gang war between monthly werewolves and full time werewolves is getting out of hand.  Werewolves are being scalped, but is it really rival gang members doing the scalping.  Add to that a booming business in black market body parts for mad scientists and a crematory that is failing to cremate it’s clients before they manage to rise from the dead.  The Whole point of cremation in the era after the big Uneasy. Then toss in one Harpy with a bad luck problem and stir.

The book is filled with the wonderful humor and plot twists that make the Dan Shamble stories so wonderful to read.  The characters of the Unnatural quarter are now familiar to us but each story adds new levels to that world.  I do hope we will see more of Dan and his friends in the future.

From The Poet’s Mouth,

Lyda Mae Dameron

The Poet and her friends can be reached by e-mailing (ravendove922@yahoo.com)


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