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I mentioned in my last post that it is important to encourage our children and our community.  This last Wednesday night found me once again in a High School Auditorium.  This time the one at Spanish Fork High School for the Spanish Fork Youtheatre production of ‘Disney’s Beauty and The Beast’.  My motivation for traveling to see the play was very personal.  One of the Sheep in the second scene was played by my ginger haired 11 year old daughter.  My daughter who I refer to as Roo on line lives with her grandmother in Spanish Fork.  This makes attending things like plays even more important.  Later in the play she also appears as a wolf and as a village girl.

I would have to say that the children in this production (who range in age from 8 to high school seniors) did very well with the iconic material given them.  Though I might suggest that any alumni of the Spanish Fork High school who want to make a charitable contribution to the school earmark it for new radio microphones and an update of the Auditorium sound system.  At various points during the play each character would suddenly not be audible and then would be heard for a few seconds then gone again.  This was of course a little frustrating.

The dancing and the costumes were spot on with the movie which captured my heart as a child. The story though, perhaps gains a bit more depth as certain songs that were never added to the movie become part of it.  The charm of children dressed as the dog/footstool and the cat/pillow make you laugh and two young sisters with gymnastic inclinations who take on the role of floor rugs will make you smile.

Tani Lee who plays the part of Belle is a delight and able to improvise when there is a problem on stage.  She has a voice that I’m certain has been trained to project, which made it easier when her microphone failed.  Taylor McEntire’s Beast was very believable when it came to emotion and his transformation scenes are wonderful unless  you have a problem with strobe lights.  So be warned that if you are an epileptic and chose to go to the play close your eyes when those two scenes happen.  The flirtation between Brandon Bundy as Lumiere and Danielle Gardner as Babette the feather duster is every bit as funny as it was in the movie.  Jayce Komiya’s Cogsworth is worthy of David Ogden Stiers who originally voiced the roll for the movie.  Marshayla Nielson’s Mrs. Potts is believable and her rendition of the title song is a treat.  Talon Tippets makes a very enthusiastic Lefou but Nate Taylor needs to get past his timidity and be a bit more nasty as well as project from the diaphragm to be a more believable Gaston.

All this said I look forward to Saturday when I will go to see the play a second time with family that had to work on Wednesday.

From the Poet’s Mouth,

Lyda Mae Dameron

You can reach The Poet and her friends by e-mailing (ravendove922@yahoo.com)


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