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Poet at Large Reviews, Book, Nexus Point (The Fall of the Altairan Empire).   Leave a comment

Captain Dace is an Orphan from a world that is known as a cosmic joke, who got where she wanted the hard way.  She is now the pilot of her own trading vessel with membership in the Guild of Free Traders, at least she was until her ship blew up.  Now she is stuck on a planet where the human population has backslid to the Iron age and so called anthropologists are playing havoc with the locals.  One going so far as to impersonate Robin Hood.  She must fight for her life with conspiracy inside conspiracy and no Idea who she can trust.

Nexus Point (The Fall of the Altairan Empire) is the first  book published by Author Jaleta Clegg and it takes you through lots of action and plot twists that will leave you dizzy and occasionally make you giggle.  My only complaint is a minor inconsistency in the main character’s back story.  How can she have learned how to season food while working in a cafeteria and burn water at the same time?  That notion just does not sit well with me.  Perhaps it is the Persian knot of the work.

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