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Today I step away from story books for a moment and review a How To book.  I originally got this book for my eleven year old daughter but liked it so much that I had to get a second copy for my own use. The ‘Monster Book of Manga Drawing: 150 Step-by-Step Projects for the Beginners’ by David Okum is one of the most comprehensive books on  how to draw Manga Style Comics I have ever seen.  It starts with the basics of tools and goes through some of the most difficult Items for and artist to draw like hands and feet.  It’s explanation of how to draw faces and it’s step by step projects give you every character type imaginable.  It talks about classic hero team dynamics and Inking techniques.  There explanations of what Manga mean and about different types of Manga.  The book even gets into types of monsters and characters of the ubber cute Kawaii variety.  Kawaii is the category all Pokemon fall into.  There is also a section at the back for how to illustrate different types of Martial Arts.  The details of postures and moves are very detailed but I agree with the book’s disclaimer.  Attempting any of the moves in the book physically, without proper training  from a experienced human teacher would be very foolish.

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It’s now a New year and that means Hiatus over.

I have just finished a wonderful book that I would like to gush about.  ‘The Flux Engine’ by Dan Willis is a wonderful ride through a Steam Punk/Fantasy world where places I know in the real world are turned on their side in the times of Wild Bill Hickok.  With Vampires caused by a disease that came into existence during the American Revolution and genetically engineered alligators that hunt over land.  Air ships that posses intelligence and crazed  warriors bent on conquering the world.  The use of Steam Tech mixed with Atlantis Chrystal Tech gives one over to fantastic imaginings.  The book is clearly intended to be the first in a series and it leaves one wanting the next volume.

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