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I just got back from watching a movie that I have waited nearly half my life to see.  ‘Ender’s Game’ based on the Orson Scott Card novel of the same name is by far one of the best Book Adaptations I have ever seen.  My only disappointment being that at the end of the movie Ender’s sister Valentine dose not go with him off to his further adventures like she did in the books.

I was assigned to read the book by one of my high school English teachers.  It was so enthralling that I read it in a 24 hour period in spite of my dyslexia.  In more recent years I have had the chance to have a few thought provoking conversations with some of the best published authors.  This does include Mr. Card who managed to give me a whole new perspective on writing science fiction.  I may not agree with him on some of his more recent comments, but he created a thought provoking story and I am certain he would be pleased with how it was brought to the silver screen.

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