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Last month a CONduit I attended the release party for ‘A Walk In The Abyss’.  ‘A Walk In The Abyss’ is a collection of stories that take place in Shane Moore’s Abyss Walker world.  The stories are ‘No-Tusk’ by Paul Genesse which tells the tale of a small but very devious Orc. ‘A Kudekah to Remember’ by Paul Genesse and Shane Moore which tells the tale of a young Sasquatch coming of age. ‘Mungo The Undying’ by Patrick M. Tracy, the story of a Giant in servitude to a Wizard. ‘Unerring’ by Patrick S. Tomlinson, a flash fiction from an arrows point of view. As well as ‘The Wererat’s Tale: The Collar of Perdition an Excerpt from An Abyss Walker Novella’ by Patrick S. Tomlinson. All stories that are full of action, humor and wonder for any fan of Fantasy. I recommend ‘A Walk In The Abyss’ highly and would like to thank the authors of it for the very fun ‘Monster Games’ release party they threw.

From The Poet’s Mouth,

Lyda Mae Dameron

You can contact The Poet and her friends by e-mail at (ravendove922yahoo.com)


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