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This review is posted at this late date due to computer problems and health issues on the part of the writer. Sorry but lack of a five dollar piece of plastic can halt a multi-million dollar machine (let alone a typical home computer) and having injections in your spine will make you sick for up to a week after.


This last Memorial Day Weekend saw The Dark Guilds of Conduit 23 descend on the Raddisson  Hotel in down town Salt Lake City, Utah. Geeks of all types come out to conventions to play and be themselves for a few days out of the year.  Costumes were of high caliber both in the hall and in the Masquerade Competition.  Gaming rooms saw play at all hours as everything from Dungeons and Dragons was played to The Artimis Bridge Simulator.  Which invited Trekkies to face the test of the Kobiyashi Maru, with video clips from a local Star Trek fan club to help set the stage.  Paul Genesse hosted a round of Mystwalker for a lucky few. Guests of Honor Larry Correia, Alexis Cruz, Heather Joseph-Witham and Paul Genesse all gave their fans great reasons to smile.  Panels ranging from robotics to writing and art to running a better Role Playing Game kept people busy and entertained. The art show was filled with breath-taking peaces of fine art. The crowd easy going and happy to make friends.

Sadly there were fewer attendees than last year and next year will see the convention joining with WesterCon 67 to be held on the Fourth of July weekend of 2014.  This change will not stop those dedicated to sci-fi  and fantasy from having their time to play. Hopefully the joining of conventions will bring local Geekdom closer together.

During my time at the convention I was able to get short interviews with Alexis Cruz and Heather Joseph-Witham.

DSCN0859This is a picture of me with Alexis Cruz.  Who is best known for his roles as Scarra in The “Star Gate” Movie and in the “Star Gate:SG1” TV show and for the role of Raphael in the series “Touched by an Angel”.  We briefly spoke of my time as an extra in an episode of “Touched by an Angel” and our shared memories of a certain mutual friend from the show’s crew. Then I asked him three questions for this blog.

Q: “What is the favorite roll you have ever played?”

A: “I Can’t choose a favorite because it would be like choosing between your own children, each one is special in it’s own way.”

Q: “I hear you are a gamer, which game is your favorite?”

A: “Anything by White Wolf”

Q: “Do you read Sci-Fi or Fantasy and if so who is your favorite author?”

A: “Yes, it’s a toss up between Ray Bradbury and Roger Zelazny.”

DSCN0860This is me with Folklorist Prof. Heather Joseph-Witham of “Mythbusters” fame after our quick three questions.  After her main address Where she related a stirring rendition of “Hans my Hedgehog” we talked more about my own experience with something called Hagging where a person is trapped in a dream state and feels as if something is attacking them in their sleep. This was used in the times of witch trials as spectral evidence but is actually what scientists today would diagnose as Night Terrors which have a legitimate medical cause.

Q: “What Got you interested in Folklore?”

A: “I was raised with magical influences in the home. The stories that I read and saw made me interested to know more.”

Q: “How did you get involved with the Mythbusters?”

A: “They contacted me and asked for clips and then they came to my house and started filming.”

Q: “Who is your favorite author?”

A: “Issac Asimov is a close tie with Tolkien.”

SAMSUNGPicture from the masquerade Contest.  Now it’s time for the top ten costumes I managed to catch on film.

SAMSUNGSAMSUNGSAMSUNGThese three get honorable mention.

SAMSUNGThis young Lady gets number 10.

SAMSUNGThen we have a very sparkly number 9.

SAMSUNGWe get a little Steem Punk’d for number 8.

SAMSUNGThe patchwork of Number 7 will leave us all in stitches.

SAMSUNGHoly Legos it’s Batman at Number 6.

SAMSUNGThis Weeping Angel Time Warps us to Number 5.

SAMSUNGWe Crossplay into the space core at Number 4.

SAMSUNG SAMSUNGA Magical lady takes us to Number 3.

SAMSUNGA Bajoran Maquis takes the number 2 slot.

And of course…………….





These two two life size paper dolls take us by surprise for Number 1.

My own part in the convention as a presenter and panelist aside I walked away with 3rd place as mascot loosing to Anastasia Green who is a young lady with a beaming personality and infectious smile. I took honorable mention in the adult Costume in the Hall for my Trill Ambassador from Star Trek Costume and I got a first place for the inanimate in the hall for my Sock Monkey in an original series Star Trek Ladies Uniform. I made both Monkey and uniform by hand, no sewing machine involved. My husband Floyd Dameron got first place for peoples choice in the art show with “Furry Ice Spider” and Iron Figure Painter.  I also got to take part in the monster games at Paul Genesse’s release party for “A Walk In The Abyss.”   The Anthology that finally tells the story of “No Tusk The Orc” in print for fans who have seen in read over the years.  (More on that in a later post.)

All in all one of my best conventions ever.

From The Poet’s Mouth,

Lyda Mae Dameron

You Can contact The Poet by e-mailing (ravendove922@yahoo.com)


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  1. Thanks, Lyda. It was great to see you.

  2. It was great to see you too Paul.

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