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The book ‘The Buried Book: The Loss and Rediscovery of the Epic of Gilgimesh’ by David Damrosch does not tell all of the first epic story writen by men. It talks about the expeditions to what we now call Iraq in the mid to late 1800s as well as the political infighting at the British National Museum that lead Assyrian born Hamuzd Rassam to file a suit for slander. For most of his life the discovery of the tablets that contained the Epic and the palace complex where they had been long buried were accredited to more powerful white men who had not even been in the desert of Assyria with Rassam when he unearthed them. Damrosch also tells of the king who’s library held the treasure of the tablets, for there were many thuosands of tablets in that one palace. Then he gets into modern uses of the Epic in novels and propaganda.

In the end It was an informative book even though early parts left me with a desire to reach back in time and slap someone.

From The Poet’s Mouth,
Lyda Mae Dameron

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