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I recently stumbled across a TV Series from ShowTime called ‘The Tudors’. The show is about the life of King Henry The VIII of England. My reason for watching was historical research. Though it was very good for following what we know of King Henry Tudor’s life it was not necessary to show so many graphic depictions of sexual acts and behavior. This choice by the show’s creators will forever leave the series as no more than porn with a historical basis, even if the many wives of King Henry are a big part of his story. We just did not need to see that much detail of his bed mates or whoever was sharing sheets with who. I will also state that the gore and violence were over the top at some points.

So I admit now that even though I watched all the episodes I very often had to overt my eyes, and so was disappointed.

From The Poet’s Mouth,
Lyda Mae Dameron

You can reach The Poet and her friends be e-mailing (ravendove922@yahoo.com)


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