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Jamie Ford tells a story from our past through the eyes of two children in the middle of a fight that is not their own.  It is kind of like Romeo and Juliet with out the suicide at the end.  The novel ‘Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet’ is exactly that Bitter, Sweet and Beautiful.

When Henry Lee was twelve years old it was 1942 and he lived in Seattle’s China Town with his Chinese born parents.  He earned a scholarship to an all white school where he had to work in the kitchen at lunch time to pay for his education.  It was at this school that he met his first love Keiko Okabe.  A twelve year old girl who was of Japanese ancestry that worked in the kitchen with him.  Only a few months after they met the U.S. government moved all the Japanese-Americans on the West cost to interment camps to prevent them from aiding the Japanese who had bombed Pearl Harbor.  Henry and Keiko were separated and did not see each other again.

In 1986 the new owners of the Panama Hotel in Seattle opened the building which had been closed since 1942.  In the basement of the building they found the personal affects of more than 30 Japanese families that were never claimed after the war.  Henry who is still living in Seattle sets out to search through these lost treasures to find the one treasure that might sooth his broken heart.  A gift that he had given to Keiko only a week or so before she and her family had been taken away by the army.

This book was a very powerful story which though it is historical fiction is very accurate on it’s facts.  If you care to visit Seattle now the Panama Hotel’s tea room is decorated with some of the objects found in 1986.  The Interment camps our government built in 1942 are all but gone now.  Some only traceable by the slabs of cement that once supported huts.  The stories of these camps live on and must never be forgotten.  The rights of American Citizens must never be trampled on in that manor again.

From The Poet’s Mouth,

Lyda Mae Dameron

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Rylie Cruz has a few problems that most people, even the police would not understand. After all getting silver bullets in the mail and being chased by the men in black kind of sound silly if you don’t know your victim really is a werewolf. Being in love with a human and cursed to never find love is also a problem. Add to that the fact that her would be love is a psychiatrist with  no clue that there are real werewolves.

The book ‘How to Date a Werewolf’ by Rose Pressey is full of humor and action as Rylie just tries to make it through one full moon that is more crazy than usual. I found this book to be witty and surprising and would very much like to have the chance to read more. It does end in a cliffhanger and I would like to find out what happens next.

From The Poet’s Mouth,

Lyda Mae Dameron

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I recently stumbled across a TV Series from ShowTime called ‘The Tudors’. The show is about the life of King Henry The VIII of England. My reason for watching was historical research. Though it was very good for following what we know of King Henry Tudor’s life it was not necessary to show so many graphic depictions of sexual acts and behavior. This choice by the show’s creators will forever leave the series as no more than porn with a historical basis, even if the many wives of King Henry are a big part of his story. We just did not need to see that much detail of his bed mates or whoever was sharing sheets with who. I will also state that the gore and violence were over the top at some points.

So I admit now that even though I watched all the episodes I very often had to overt my eyes, and so was disappointed.

From The Poet’s Mouth,
Lyda Mae Dameron

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