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(It is now 4 weeks since my surgery and time to get back to work.  Thank you to all who took the time to send well wishes or say a short prayer on my behalf.)

During my recovery a very good friend left one of her favorite books with me just to boost my moral.  The book ‘Small Miracles’ by Yitta Halberstam Mandelbaum & Judith Frankel Leventhal, which came out in 1997, is a collection of tales that must be taken on faith.  Though I would not be surprised to find a few of them listed on Snopes as not verified.  Many of the stories are Jewish tales with one example being a lone Jewish man who sees his father in a dream and is told to pray the Kaddish or prayer for the dead. The Kaddish requires ten men to say it properly but there are not ten Jewish men in his village.  That is not until another nine Jewish men are forced to stop at the airport where he works so their plane can refuel.

Both Yitta Halberstam & Judith Leventhal also relate tales from their own lives.  Some of the tales are funny, others are down right wondrous. Many have good advice in them. If you believe in a higher power than this book is a good read.

From the Poet’s Mouth,

Lyda Mae Dameron

You may reach The Poet and her friends by e-mail at (ravendove922@yahoo.com)


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