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Dan Shamble, Zombie P.I. and his friends at the offices of Chambeaux and Dryer will soon be back to give you more thrills and monster jokes.   The proof that I was given of the book ‘Unnatural Acts’ by Kevin J. Anderson says the book is due to hit store shelves next month.  As Unnaturals try to make a place for themselves in the world along comes the Smile Syndicate to try and make the Unnatural Quarter a tourist destination complete with cheesy nicknacks made by Golem slaves.  Then we have a Senetor who in a very parallel to the Real World struggle of LGTB over rights to marry tries to get a bill passed that would make it illegal for any Unnatural to have sex at all.  This has some very profound effects for Unnaturals that are married but find that the laws no longer cares to recognize that they can be married at all.  It also causes trouble in the red light district of the Unnatural quarter where the Full Moon Brothel is being harassed even having the black glass windows of vampire  employies smashed.

The book has enough plot twist to make you both dizzy and giddy.  The characters are very well written and the main character of Dan Chambeaux is very easy to relate to even if he is already dead. If you like humor and love detective stories then you need to read this book.

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Lyda Mae Dameron

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