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The book ‘Torch of Freedom’ by David Weber  and Eric Flint is the sequel to the book ‘Crown of Slaves’ and continues the expansion of the Honorverse beyond it’s Title Character of Honor Harrington.  As the new kingdom of Torch grows with transport after transport of former genetic slaves it also suffers growing pains in the expansion of it’s war with The planet Mesa and Manpower Unlimited. Who ruthlessly bread all of the genetic slaves for it’s own dark intentions. 

As is typical for a David Weber Book the Character’s drive the story and take one to a place that can be so real that you think you are right there in the action.  One minute you are with a young queen who has just seen the death of her friends and facing the truth that the Assassin was aimed at her.  The next you are with a man who has lost all that mattered to him because his daughter was deemed unfit to live. 

My only problem reading ‘Torch of Freedom’ is there were so many new characters that it was hard to keep track of who was who during the Battle of Torch.  Though the battle itself was well written.

From The Poet’s Mouth,

Lyda Mae Dameron

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“I have always relied upon the kindness of strangers.” Quote from the play a ‘Streetcar Named Desire’.

The Season of Greetings has always been hard for me. Sure we got toys and treats and time off from school, but it was also the time of year my parents argued the most. It was during the holidays of 1988 to 1989 that my whole world changed. My parents filed for divorce. Papa moved into an apartment on Valentine’s day and then my sister and I were forced to move into a trailer on the outskirts of town with our Mother.

After that it was really only by the kindness of strangers that we had treats and presents for Christmas at all. Always mysterious packages left on the porch or in the mailbox.

Now as an adult I try to pay back humanity for the kindnesses that have been done on my behalf. However yesterday Karma must have decided to pay me back just a little kindness to remind me why.

I was at a grocery store trying to get the two last things for our family Thanksgiving. Rolls and banana bread. In lines that were monstrously long I sat on a mart cart and waited my turn. When my purchases were finally wrung up at $10 and change the card reader would not accept my card even though I know there is still more than sufficient funds in my account. On seeing the card reader struggle with my card the man behind me said to just ring my stuff up with his.

“Happy Thanksgiving Ma’am, you’re all set.”

I sat there for a moment in disbelief and then trundled to where my oldest sister was waiting. I truly wanted to cry for the gift of kindness. It was then that i decided the best way to pass that kindness on was to tell the story for others. The holiday spirit is alive and well my friends and I can really feel it right now.

“Happy Holidays To One And All.”

From The Poet’s Mouth,

Lyda Mae Dameron

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