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Last night the East Millcreek Library played host to a gathering of Writers who shared their most ghoulish writings. Each writer shared one or two short peices of their original work. Every poem or story gave chills to the spine with images of haunted teddy bears, less than glamorus vampires, ghostly tappings, a place in outer space where times distorts and turns one into a shade of who the once were, and an Indian ghost story told in rhymed verse to the rythem of a gourd rattle were highlights of the evening.  The writing group that put this event on meets at the East Millcreek Library every Tuesday from 6 pm to 8 pm.

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Lyda Mae Dameron

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My newest toy is the Asus TF300 tablet pc. It currently is running the Droid Jellybean OS. Though it originally came with Ice Cream Sandwich. It has 32 Gigs of onboard memory, an Nvivia graphics card, a quad core processor, and a screen big enough for me to blow up my kindle books so I can actually read them without eye strain. It handles secure WiFi and VPN easily.

Though the Facebook  app does not work with it since the upgrade to Jellybean. If I go to Facebook with the Google search or Google Chrome browser it works fine but the Droid app will not let you have a keyboard to post comments with. Never bother with the Asus browser it just does not work.

It plays music wonderfully though for some reason it did once decide that I had head phones in when I did not. My sister plugged in her head phones and then unplugged them. Then the tablet was just fine. For the $399.00 I spent I think I got a wonderful tool to continue my work with.

From The Poet’s Mouth,

Lyda Mae Dameron

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Sadly the Poet at Large has suffered catastrophic computer failure and has no review for you this week but The Eagle Beader has left one for you crafty people out there.

I found a place on the internet call Dollar Bead Company where you’re able to buy beads for a very low price most of them are dollar or less . The only problem with the seed beads are the seed beads are not uniform shape this makes it very hard to do intricate pattern building with the seed beads. I also bought some swarovski crystals I really like the crystals you could get 12 crystals for 1 dollar this is a great deal. I just thought people would like to know about the seed beads before they bought them. They have lots of interesting colors in their seed beads they are just not eazy to work with using the chine  stitch or in peyote patterns also you would not be able to use them with the Loom.

This review is left by the Eagle Beader,

Cheryl Carreau

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I have not been able to acomplish much this week. I have been too sick to really eat. Last Saturday I was out in my home town of Tooele for my Sister’s birthday. We went to a resturant called The New China Buffet. The food was over priced, over spiced, over cooked and the quality of meats made my taste buds scream in fright. I have spent the whole last week just trying not to toss my cookies. I know that I was exposed to things I am allergic to but I did spit it out as soon as I tasted it. On a five star rating system I would give no stars.

From The Poet’s Mouth,

Lyda Mae Dameron

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