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One of my all time favorite series of novels is the Honor Harrington series by David Weber.  I just finished reding the novel “Mission of Honor” which hit shelves in 2010. When Honor is sent to the Star Empire of Manticore’s long time enemy of  the Republic of Haven to negotiate a peace treaty. Meanwhile in other parts of the cosmose enemies plot to destroy her home system of Manticore. I found the novel to be as delightful and as action packed as all the rest, though it dose leave you with a cliff hanger and many questions if you have not also read the More than Honor, Shadows of Saganami and Crown of Slaves books as well. The Honorverse abounds with colorful characters and tales to read.  Honor herself is a dedicated military commander in a time of Star Kingdoms who will do what she must in service to both her crown and her sword.  She earned Nobility on a feild of battle but still has a woman’s heart.  She is what I would dream of being.

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Lyda Mae Dameron

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I was recently introduced to something from Japan that has me absolutely crazy for more.  Yamaha created a computer synthasized voice program using sampling from voice actors.  The dozen or so voices which can be perchased and used buy any composer have taken Japan by storm over the last several years with both joy and controversy.  The Vocaloid voices have animated Manga style mascots which have been turned into holograms for live concerts.  The voices themselves are what I would call idealized.  The tones and pronounsation under the right composer and programer are melodys that can drive one to the hights that any human diva would strive for.  Under the wrong composer or programer they are absolute torture.

The trick when looking for the music is to remember that there is no human singer.  The composers are what maters.  Look for vocaloids on YouTube to listen to the music.  The voices are called Hatsune Miku, Megurine Luka, Kagamine Rin, Kagamine Len, Kaito, Meiko, Gumi, Kumi Gekupo, Kasane Teto, Kasane Ted, Lily and soforth.  Once you have found the song you like note the title, then look for the song title on iTunes or another download site if you wish to buy.  Be warned you will not find every song since only the ones in Japanese are for sale and not all of them can be found in the U.S.

The voice sampleing and hologram technology is now being used to reserect dead preformers here in the U.S.  Marilyn Manroe, Jimmy Hendrix, and Tupac Shakur are some of the different projects coming to a stage near you.  One can only wait and see what comes next in the world.

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Lyda Mae Dameron

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“A Baby of Her Own” by Brenda Novak is a hard book to review be cause to be perfectly honest I don’t really like it.  There are elements worth liking but as a whole I was not able to continue suspending my disbelief all the way to the end of the book.  The things I liked were the fact that Conner beat his uncles after all the Hell they put him through and his Mother finally found a man she liked. I just can’t believe that a girl who seeks a one night stand in another town to have a baby when she can’t afford going to a sperm bank will ever end well.  Especially if she meets the man later.  I just don’t see anything really Happy working out between them. Because no one male or female likes to be used and that is just impossible for any but a saint to forgive. Even if they did get married that would color the relationship for the rest of life. Not enough romance in the romance novel.

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Lyda Mae Dameron.

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