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Kevin J. Anderson’s “Death Warmed Over” takes place Ten Years after The Big Uneasy. An event where planets aligned and the wrong person reading the Necronomicon got a paper cut lead to the dead rising from the grave. A Private Investigator named Dan Chambeaux was murdered and came back as a a zombie to try and solve the biggest case of his unlife. The case of his own Murder. With the help of Dan’s Ghostly Girlfriend and his human Lawyer Business Partner the story takes interesting turns and has many side plots that intertwine. The cases in “Death Warmed Over are very true to Kevin’s sense of humor. A mummy coming to life and demanding Emancipation from the Museum Exhibit. A set of Witch sisters who suffered from a curse due to a misprint in a spell book. Vampires who lost their hair due to Garlic oil laced shampoo. I do especially like the Human woman who has taken over the job of preaching salvation and tolerance in the unnatural quarter. Handing out donated blood to vampires so they do not have to hunt humans. I am Looking forward to reading the sequel “Unnatural Acts” which is due to hit shelves in January.

From The poet’s Mouth,

Lyda Mae Dameron

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