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“A Night of Blacker Darkness” by Horror Writer Dan Wells is what I would call good Medicine. When convicted Forger Frederick Whithers of Bath, England contrives to be freed of Prison by faking his death of consumption he rises from his coffin only to be mistaken for a Vampire. All is hilarity as Fredrick finds himself running from both Vampires and Vampire hunters alike as he tries to clear up more than his mistaken state of undeath. He must also face his former fiance who made sure he was in prison so she could claim the fortune of a man who had no relatives at death. Encounters with John Keats, Mary Shelly and Jane Austen put the time of the story in a strange perspective that anyone who knows literary history can only laugh at. All in all very much worth the time it took to ask Mr. Wells to send me a copy.

From The Poet’s Mouth,

Lyda Mae Dameron

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