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Billy the weretroll: This isn’t a safe place for you.

Myron Selkirk: No place is safe for me.

I am your guest reviewer, The Starving Artist.

The quote above is from my choice book for victimizing, “Tablets of Immortality” by Rhiannon Mellen and A. Bradbury. If you love Bruce Cambell films, you most likely will love it! It’s about 14 year old Myron Selkirk, a boy who finds a living cave crystal that becomes his mentor and teaches him to be a warlock. While he found it, his two friends were found by vampires. One was killed while the other was turned into a vampire. Myron stole a car to take his friend Andy Hand to Los Angeles in order to find other vampires to teach him etiquette in the blood sucking world. Along the way, he found himself conscripted by a werecat into helping recovery some ancient Egyptian artifacts that possess the magical powers.

What I loved about it most was the running gags, cool werewolf fights and a werecat of many aliases. Definitely a good read for the 14+ range!

From brush strokes of The Starving Artist.

Sena Kathryn Schneider

The Poet At Large may be reached by e-mailing (ravendove922@yahoo.com)

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