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DeadWorld by J.N. Duncan is a complicate story.  When FBI Agents Tangle with Vampires that neither Glitter nor Melt in the sun but are Hell bent on vengeance for crimes committed 140 years before.  When their culprit can slip beyond the veil of death and back into the world of the living at will, then you get a real complicated problem.  One that might just put one of those FBI agents in the Grave and the other in a Psych ward.  I found the book a little difficult to read at times because of violence and sexual content.  There is a scene that makes you wonder if the character is reenacting the suppressed memory of a rape.  That is something that is definitely a turn off for many people.  Aside from that scene it is a good story.

From The Poet’s Mouth,

Lyda Mae Dameron

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