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David Farland’s latest Young Adult novel Nightingale is a delight to read.  The notion of a a changeling or a Mystical child being left to be raised by humans is a notion that goes back in history for a very long time.  Putting a new spin on that notion can be a fun challenge.  The Masaak as demons, angels and muses  is certainly a wonderful tale.  The story of Bron is in some places harsh but more bitter, sweet.    Since the story takes place in Southern, Utah where I lived for a time as a teen I know many of the places that the story talks about.  The descriptions of the places in the book that I am familare with are very accurate.  The high School and near by professional amphitheatre  are in deed real places.  I have attended plays at both.  The landscape is used so well that it also becomes a character in the book and makes me long for Joshua trees and red cliffs.  My biggest complaint that I have to wait for the sequel.   Though there is one item in the story that I might want to submit to the Mythbusters.  Please don’t let that stop you from enjoying the book.

From The Poet’s Mouth,

Lyda Mae Dameron,


If you wish to submit a book for review please e-mail me at ravendove922@yahoo.com with a .mobi version and put (Book for Review) in the subject line.  If you have not received confirmation of receipt  withing two weeks please submit an inquiry with the same subject line.  If you do not have your book in an e format send a request for mailing address.  Happy Story Telling…


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