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The Enchantress is the latest and Final entry in The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel series by Irish, Writer, Michael Scott.  The Series is a wonderfully strange twist of Myth and History that takes us to the dawn of humanity and beyond wildest dreams.  The characters which include famous magicians from history as well as gods and demons in the adventures of twins Josh and Sophie Neman who are destined for things far greater than the average 15 year old.   All six books have given me great pleasure even if not everyone I have recommended them to agreed with me.  I am sad to see the end of the series but at the same time glad to find out just who and what Josh and Sophie are.

My only complaint is that I do not like to see the same line used too much in the same book.  Since there are battles in more than one time frame the fact that someone in each party was looking happy about it may have seemed appropriate but it can also be cliche the second time someone says it.

From The Poet’s Mouth,

Lyda Mae Dameron


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