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My interest in the phenomenon of Massive Multi-Player Role Play Games has not waned since my report on World Of Warcraft.

I have for several years entered a online world called Second Life. A creation of Lindon Labs. Not everyone has heard of Second Life or even knows what it is. It is a micro economy world where you can be anything you want so long as you can build or are willing to pay anyone who knows how to build in the world. The exchange rate of US Dollars to Second Life Lindon dollars fluctuates but is usually somewhere around 250 Lindons or $L to $1 USD. The action of buying $L usually costs the amount of dollars you buy in Lindons plus $0.30 transaction fee.

The Lindons you buy can be used to customize you avatar with shapes, cloths, skin types, hairstyles, animal or robot forms. Anything you can dream someone can make. Lindons can be used to rent land or shop space upload pictures or textures for use in building or cloths making. You can buy anything you wish you had in real life or things that come from far beyond this mundane world we live in.

If you could be a fairy, a dragon or a robot would you? Would you like to live in the old west or visit the Titanic? How about becoming a steam punk or a furry? Maybe a tiny is your cup of tea…

All of these are options and all of these characters can interact or stay in their own communities.

If you wish to enjoy your second childhood now than you have the option of being a child and even being adopted by parents who may be from here in the US or even from the other side of the world.

I have tried just about every avatar that there is in second life. I have also seen more of it than I care at times.

Second life is not for those who are children in Real Life. There are sims in the world that are not for childrens eyes. There are strip clubs where one can get a virtual lap dance and things that cater to every kind of depravity, though there are rules against certain behaviors, there are those who try to live out things against the rules.

Sim admins and club owners are capable of kicking out those who do not behave or try behaviors called griefing. Setting off objects that annoy other people on the sims. In my first few weeks there I saw many such objects. Including something called Hitler boxes that will crash a sim while showing bouncing boxes of Hitler all over the place. Not exactly my favorite, but a good example of the behavior.

But there are good places in Second Life. If I am in Second Life I am most likely on the Island of Adam ondi Ahman. A place made by a Christian man so that those who are of a spiritual nature may have a place of peace. And a place where he can share the message of his faith.

If you wish to stay there your avatar must wear modest cloths and you are asked not to type swear words and if you are willing to discuss religion in a civil manor then you are welcome to join regular conversations at the welcome plaza. There are dances and poetry readings and shops that sell nice cloths and homes that are built by quiet folk whom I call my friends.

If I am not there I may be in in Tombstone Arizona. It is a role play sim where though there are saloons and dance halls most people live by the rules as if they were in the Victorian era and if you get caught swearing you might be handed a bar of soap to put in you mouth. Though there are shoot outs there are rules against shooting the children from the orphan’s home. The role play is a nice distraction when my husband is out of town and the people are for the most part very friendly and understanding.

I have not gone exploring for new places in a while perhaps I need to go on an expedition to find more of the nice places. The big thing to remember about Second Life is to find a place you feel happy and set that as you home destination so if you ever get somewhere you don’t want to be you can teleport back to where you want to be.

The next bit of advice I give I repeat from my World of Warcraft review. Don’t get into romances if you are already married in Real Life, e-cheating is still cheating. And don’t spend more time online than you spend in real life. After all, it is just a game.

From The Poet’s Mouth,

Lyda Mae Dameron


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