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Mary Ellen Smith was the CONduit Costuming Guest of Honor this year and she wore several outstanding costumes for us to admire.   I was able to catch them all on film and present them here for you to admire.

Mary Ellen Smith Friday Night.

Mary Ellen Saturday Afternoon

Mary Ellen Saturday night

Mary Ellen Saturday Night

Mary Ellen Sunday Morning.

She is said to have lent her time and talents to over 3,000 costumes and was able to judge the Masquerade that I mentioned in the first part of my Convention in review.  The best I can put it is that the lady knows her stuff.

I have promised that I would list my favorite choices for costume in the hall.  I list them for you here.  I begin with the honorable mentions.  those who took the Time Lords seriously and came in the honorable Doctor’s guise.

Now for the count down…

All Children can be monsters some times but for this ankle biter it really shows.

Number 10 “The Cub”

I know not from where this costume comes but I had to take her picture.

Number 9 “Lovely Lady”

It’s been a while since I saw The Princess Bride but I knew this one at a glance.

Number 8 “Beware The Dred Pirate Roberts”

I really have to admire this one.

Number 7 “It’s Tony Stark”

Trying to be an individual when you have several thousand clones is hard, but this guy does it with style.

Number 6 “The Clone Trouper”

Few people have experienced a moment of insanity as colorful as number 5.

Number 5 “Gingham Rimmer”

Number four had to have spent hours painting his armor.

Number 4 “Battle Damaged Bounty Hunter”

This young lady had any Hercules at his knees.

Number 3 “Megara”

The detail of this costume was enough to keep you looking.

Number 2 “Steam Punk Pirate”

This lady who comes in at number 1 has the right idea and some wonderful finishing stitches.

Number 1 “The Humans form of The Living TARDIS”

Number 1 “It’s Bigger on The inside”

Number 1 “The Living TARDIS”

I loved all of the costumes and do wish that I could have listed all of the ones I liked.  There is so much in the world to love and I challenge each of you to seek it every day as I do.

From The Poet’s Mouth

Lyda Mae Dameron


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