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Kermit the Frog as The Fourth Doctor

Even Kermit Got into the act at CONduit 22 Timelords of CONduit. 

For those that are not in the know CONduit is a Science Fiction and Fantasy Convention held each May in Salt Lake City, Utah.  The usual location for this Convention is the Salt Lake City, Downtown, Radisson Hotel.  This last May 25th through 27th The hotel paid host to many who willingly dub themselves Geeks.  Many of them sporting costumes from Popular BBC series Doctor Who as the theme of this year’s convention (The Time Lords of CONduit) centers around the Main character of that series and his many incarnations over the last 50 years.  There were so many costumes of Varying types that I will have to take a few days to go through the 200 plus pictures I have before I can make my top ten costume list.  The panels available on writing and art were very helpful. There were also panels on every sort of fandom one can think of from Harry Potter to Stargate and more.

Game rooms were packed to late at night as player sought to play out an RPG round with friends or try out the latest offered by companies that manufacture the books, cards and miniatures that players so love to use.  One popular experience this year was the Artemis Bridge simulator witch allows a group of Local Area Network Computers to become the stations of a Star Trek style Starship Bridge.  Groups of seven or eight people are allowed to take on the roles of a captain and crew to run a mission controlled from from a Game Master’s computer.   Some time early Sunday morning Guest of Honor Tim Russ who is best known for his role as Tuvok on Star Trek: Voyager spent two hours playing the simulator with convention goers  I will Tell you more on Mr. Russ and his wowing of fans in a future part of this Article.

On Friday Night they had the Ice Cream social with Mascot contest where attendees voted by placing pennies in tubs and the contestant with the heaviest tub won.   Following the mascot contest there was a Wookie calling contest.  I unfortunately I fell off the stage during the contest and ended up with a really nice wound on my shin.

Wound received during the Wookie Calling contest.

Many Authors were present at the convention to offer readers the chance to buy a book they may not have heard about.  Some authors such as Paul Gennesse, Dan Wells and David Farland even gave readings and Paul Genesse had a release part for his book The Secret Empire which I have previously reviewed for this Blog.  During the release party while fans enjoyed Pizza there was a exhibition fight between Mugo the Giant and No Tusks The Orc.  Both characters from one of Mr. Genesse’s stories.

Mungo the Giant and NoTusk the Orc from “The Secret Empire” Release party.

One other thing to note about this year’s CONduit was the rise in attendance by members of the 7th fleet Star Trek Fan club chapters and several other fan organizations.  Several years back these organizations were alienated by CONduit’s former chair committee  Though I have never been able to get a full answer as to why.  This year the convention went out of their way to invite the 7th Fleet and other Science Fiction fan clubs back to the convention.  We can only hope that this effort to reach out leads to better things for CONduit in the future.

From Left to Right, Commadore Richard Henline of the 7th Fleet, Admiral Dennis Hollinger of the 7th Fleet.

Saturday Night also played host the annual CONduit Masquerade.  This costume and performance contest brings out some of the best costume workmanship in the state.  The prize winners are things to really be in awe of.

Draculaura from “Monster High”

This Lovely Morticia Adams was well executed.

Both of these versions of Lynk from “The Legend of Zelda” video games took prizes.

These are but a few of the entries.  The most popular winner from the Masquerade was of course this pair.

“Professor you have a screw Loose.”

Steam Punk Wings at a full Stretch.

There is much more to be said about this year’s CONduit.  I will tell you more in my next entry.

From the Poet’s Mouth,

Lyda Mae Dameron


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