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Lost at The Con by Bryan Young is an entertaining story.  It is however not for the easily offended as it has very adult situations and language.  The premiss that a political reporter could be sent to report on a Science Fiction Convention against his will is full of humor.  The fact that the main character is a very soused jerk that could use a wake up call makes the story in and of itself.  I have been to many Sci-Fi Conventions and I have seen all of the situations described in the book though I have not necessarily taken part in some of the seedier ones.   The story is written with a poetic though foul mouthed point of view that I found easy to enjoy even if I am a church going person.  I would recommend this book to all Science Fiction Fans and Convention Goers, though most definitely not to my favorite aunt who blushes at words that even rhyme with naughty ones.

For More on Bryan Young visit bigshinyrobot.com.

From The Poet’s Mouth,

Lyda Mae Dameron

Upcoming Events:

I plan to be at the CONduit Science Fiction and Fantasy Convention in Salt Lake City, Utah, This coming Friday the 25th though Sunday the 27th of May.  On Saturday at noon I will be on a panel called World Builders Syndrome Anonymous.  I plan to be dressed as a Neko with a Lavender wig and Black Tail and Ears for anyone who will be a t the convention and wishes to find me.


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