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A business traveler in this age requires three things, good wi-fi, a comfy bed and quiet.  Add to that a well maintained Hot tub, a small fitness center, a decent breakfast, hard working maids, and a staff that is always smiles and is never surly, and you get the Hampton Inn at 3039 Northeast 181st Avenue in Portland, Oregon.  I have spent the last 2 weeks  here at the Hampton Inn.  We came here because my dear husband Floyd had to install some equipment at the Boeing Plant.  This means his employer is paying for the $139.00 a night room.

The hotel offers a breakfast that allows even someone like me with food allergies a nice enough selection of food that I have not gotten completely sick of waffles.  They even put out breakfast on the go bags that have a muffin a piece of fruit and a cereal bar for those in a hurry.  You can get coffee, Tea or cocoa any time of day in the lobby.  This includes caffeine free herbal  teas.  The tea with honey was a great help for my husband while he had a sore throat.  In these environmentally conscious times the hotel uses compostable plastic wear Known as Tater Ware at breakfast time whenever possible and paper cups that are part recycled and compostable.

The staff puts out fresh cookies and a snack in the evening.  The snack may be chips and salsa or mini corn dogs and mozzarella sticks.  Mostly stuff I can’t eat but the cookies are really good.   I am told I can request that they put something else out for me but I am so use to having to fend for my own snacks or bring my own to a dinner party that it was not a problem.

The maids have always been nice and had very big smiles.  They do their work quickly and efficiently and are very nice about asking to come in and if I would like them to vacuum today or let me have quiet.  My only problem has been that they don’t speak enough English to understand my complements.  I will also note that so far as I know the only thing to come up as missing during my stay was a single sock, which I’m sure was eaten by the Coin-Op Dryer in the visitor’s laundry.  While one should always take precautions with their treasures when traveling.  I do believe the maids here to be honest women.

I do however wish that the rooms had slightly larger trash cans though, since I eat most of my meals here in my room.  It has a microwave that works even if it has a dial to work it instead of a digital control panel and there is a small fridge that I don’t thing would keep anything frozen but it keeps everything else nicely cool.

The hot tub, pool and fitness center have been a God send for me since I am still recovering from spine surgery a year later.  A spin on a stationary bike and a soak in a nice hot whirlpool can really make me feel better.  Plus I do my best thinking at those times.

The ladies at the desk have always been quick to help and very nice to talk with. and the maintenance man was very quick to respond when my TV remote would not work.

I have stayed at hotels that really sucked including a few where instead of giving you bars of soap and bottles of shampoo they put anti-bacterial hand soap dispensers in the shower.  Really harsh soap that dried out all your skin and hair.   By comparecen this one has been a million times better.  It may not be a five star hotel but it has been one of the best places I have ever stayed.

From The Poet’s Mouth,

Lyda Mae Dameron


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