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While on this trip to Portland my husband and I have had the chance to try out the GPS Navi program on his company provided i-Phone.  this App has been helpful but not 100% successful in finding what we were looking for.  The app will pull up an address from dexknows.com and guide you too it but when we tried to go to Mount St Helen’s it took us to the Monument business offices instead of the Visitor’s Center.  Not entirely sure why that happened, but the road took us 15 miles shy of out target.  we never saw the mountain at all and the only coverage the phone had  once we passed the business office was emergency calls only.  We only found out what had happened from an old fashioned tourist map handed out at a general store across the street since the business office which is closed on Sat was of no help.

We also tried to find a seafood restaurant called the Soggy Dollar only to find it was no longer in existace even though it’s still on record as being there.   Then there is a mater of a point me moad that some times informs you that you are driving sideways and It can be so hard to read at times that you can’t figure out what lane to take in an exit even in extream zoom.

We are better off with the app in unfamiliar territory than nothing but there is room for improvement.

From The Poet’s Mouth,

Lyda Mae Dameron


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