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I report to you from Portland Oregon.  My first dinning experience here was very disappointing.  Sheri’s gives you all the choices of Pie you might like but they can’t even keep the condiment policy on their sandwiches consistent.  The waitress assured me that my BLT would come without Mayo, but it gets to the table and before I have finished my fries I find the offending mayo clearly on my wheat bread.  I order my sandwiches dry because Mayo often has Paprika in it.  a substance that I am very deathly allergic to.  I have to carry an EpiPen for a reason.

Though they did manage to not put a tomato on my husbands sandwich, and he just does not like them.

They take the now inedible sandwich back to fix it and my husband has finished his meal before I see another sandwich.  The replacement comes without mayo and on sourdough not wheat, plus they have not given me a pickle with the replacement.  I complain about the bread and they try to take the plate but at this point I am starving.  I would eat tar if I could gain sustenance from it.  So I tell them to box the offending sandwich and I am going to leave.  They knock off all of two bucks for a dining experience I am not going to repete at their establishment ever.

From The Poet’s Mouth

Lyda Mae Dameron


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