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It has been a goal of mine to read and review something from every author I have met in my time at conventions.  I only Briefly met Rebecca Moesta some 6 years ago I have had almost no contact with her since then so my choice of her books was just what was on the top of the list at my local library.  That is how I came to read Vader’s Fortress, a Junior Jedi Knights Novel originally printed in 1997.

The Junior Jedi Knights Novels may be short but they are a challenge to a writer.  How do you write something that stands alone and follows an extended story arch like a television show.  How do you stay true to the grandness of the Star Wars Legacy and create a fresh look at the same time.  The notion of following the children of Han and Leia through their training is a good idea.  Many authors will follow the challenge but not all will be able to succeed

I do believe that Ms. Moesta does manage to make a story that is true to the universe it is in and on the level of the younger audience it is meant for.  As well as standing alone enough for one to understand while compelling you to want to know what the other stories in it’s arch are.  It is enough to give me hope that any other books of hers that I read will be as enjoyable if not more so.

From The Poet’s mouth,

Lyda Mae Dameron


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