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The book Ravenspell Book One, Of Mice and Magic was first published in 2005.  The fact that so many people have already read it does not mean I will let it  escape review.  The book was fun to read and had a nice main plot but had a at least on plot hole involving the villain’s  identity that bothered me.  The Villain is first described as an animal that had studied human tongue then calls himself, “The immortal Edger Allen Poe.”  This leaves one with the question was Poe born a bat and made himself human or human and made himself a bat.  This could have been made a little clearer.  It is possible that David Farland started out writing the story one way and then did not make enough corrections in the editing process.

I will state that I love the notion of a mouse that is the wizard and the human the familiar.  We humans seem to be so arrogant and think only we are smart enough most of the time.  The adventure form and opposite prospective is a good thing for us to think about.  The characters are rich and the world just a little different from the norm.  I almost felt guilty about the fact I feed mice to my pet snake but then I remembered that I still eat meat myself, so I got over it.  I will recommend this book for any kid age 10 and over and anyone who is a kid at heart.  I will read the other Ravenspell books as well since the plot leaves you with a desire to continue.

From The Poet’s Mouth,

Lyda Mae Dameron


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