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I just finished reading Black Magic Academy by Emily Martha Sorensen.  The fairy tale gone wrong is full of action and storical humor.  It took me on a whirl wind ride through the life of a young witch forced to go to a school for evil who just is not capable of being mean.  Along the way we meet a Princess who does not act like a princess and a King who just needs a few lessons in fatherhood, as well as a Princess and the Pea incident I will never forget.  It is a young adult novel and I would recommend the book for anyone who likes surprises and the notion that we think of it backwards.  I finished the book in under 24 hours but will likely go back a second time to savor it.

Emily Martha Sorensen is also the creator of online comics A Magical Roommate and To Prevent World Peace.  The following picture is me with Emily at Anime Salt Lake last weekend, though I have run into her previously at LTUE.  I am the one with Cat Ears.

From The Poet’s Mouth,

Lyda Mae Dameron


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