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This Saturday March 3rd I had the pleasure of attending the second day of Anime Salt Lake.  This Anime convention was held a Salt Lake Community Collage in Salt Lake City , Utah and sponsored by the school’s Japanese club. The Guests of Honor was author and film maker Bryan Young.  He was very personable and I enjoyed a long conversation with him about the value of science fiction conventions and certain authors that have inspired him in his work. I look forward to reviewing his book Lost At The Con which may be purchased for kindle or in paperback and his films This Divided State and Killer at Large which are on Netflix. Please check out his web page Big Shiny Robot.com.

Panels for attendees included How to Draw Manga, Beginning Cosplay, Writers Q and A, Intro to Japanese, an Explanation of Japanese Humor, Publishing for Dummies and many more.  The game of capture the princess was a well enjoyed game of tag with one young woman dressed at the Princess Zelda from the popular video game series.  There was a Deviant Art.com social where artists who post on the popular web site were able to meet face to face and speak about the issues related to posing on the internet.

The preformers for the con were Coo-Interactive Entertainment  Who are listed in the program as The Live Interactive adventure Preforming, Multimedia Engineering Rock Star Samurai Pirates From Idaho. They put together a live event where several costumed individuals put on a mock Anime style battle for the conventions goers. The following pictures are taken from that event.

During this event I spoke with Utah Highway Patrol Troopers who were brought in to provide extra security for the event.  They said that it was better organized than previous events of the same nature than were held before at the same school and had far more events for the attendees.  I have to agree with the officers that the event was well worth the $30 price of a two day ticket to get in. If the Jananese club is able to hold the event again next year I would be glad to attend and I think that any vendors who are given the chance to come next year be sure to buy booth space the dealers room was very busy and the one vendor offering Japanese soda and candy sold out of many items.

In the evening The Quick Wits Comedy Improve Troupe from Midvale, Utah preformed.  Their antics left the audience in stitches and I found myself laughing so hard that I nearly needed my asthma inhaler. Though I warn those who would seek to catch one of their regular preformances at the Midvale Main Street Theatre That they are not a show for the easily offended.

The number of attendees in costume lead to the need of my listing the best ones I managed to catch on film in this review.  The nature of these costumes is Cosplay which is a word that originates from Costume and Play.  Often the point of which is to recreate a character from a story so that the person wearing the costume can become the character in a Live Action Role Playing Game or LARP.  I have participated in a LARP before and do recommend the activity just to have fun every now and then and let out your inner child out for some air.

Honorable Mention #1Honorabale Mention #2Horable Mention #3

These three costumes get honorable mention.The MIB Agent would have made the Top ten but he is my cousin.  I know that he gets the attitude just right, but I admit I am a little bias. The young woman Crossplaying the Character in Purple is clearly taking the fun of Cosplay to heart and “That One Guy From That Show” Had me laughing so hard I almost fell down.

The Kitty at #10This Tiger Neko was very brave to wear so little in February in Utah but she had clearly put a lot of work into her costume and her attitude. She comes in #10.

Blue Delight at Number 9This lovely blue delight was more than happy to let me take a pic as she lounged. She comes in at #9.

Leathal Steam Punk at Number 8This lethal and and scandals Steam Punk outfit comes in at #8.

Let the Wookie Win at number 7This replica of Chewbacca from Star Wars Has to be admired because the wearer is on stilts.  He comes in at #7.

Fire Lord Ozi at number 6The detail of this replica of Fire Lord Ozi was very impressive even though he was constantly holding his beard on he comes in at #6.

Beware of Men in Armor at number 5Power armor such as this is common in  Anime but was very rare at the convention.  Mostly because it is hard to move in.  This brave young man comes in at #5.

Butterfly dress at #4This lovely gown is of high competition quality and very beautiful to behold.  The Red Butterfly comes in at #4.

Holding court at number 3This lovely lady looks dressed fit for a queen and could easily be holding court.  She comes in at #3

It's all in the attitude at number 2Never pick a fight with a lady who can bruise you.  This buxom lady has the attitude to carry herself.  That is why she comes in at #2.

The Murder childThis Family takes the cake at #1 proving it is all about sharing your love of play with the next generation.

It will take me a few days to recover from the convention, but that is okay, I had the time of my life.

From The Poet’s Mouth

Lyda Mae Dameron


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  1. Haha, the Princess Zelda cosplayer in Capture the Princess was actually a dude….

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