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I have over the years enjoyed the collected Honor Harrington novels by David Weber.  Even though the space battles contain math equations that are far beyond my, I have ten fingers and two feet, understanding of math.  The choice to expand upon the universe beyond the heroics of one character is something I have to applaude.  Crown of Slaves is the first of the books of the expanded Honorverse that I have had the joy to read and it will not be the last.  Though the foreshadowing is less subtle than usual since the story was a collaboration by David Weber with Eric Flint and James P. Baen.  My only sever complaint is the overuse of a single quote from Shakespeare.  “Et tu,” may be in perfect context but it’s just been over used by the world to the point of Cliche.

The plot of the story is a little Princess and the Pauper meets an RPG campaign, but I found it entertaining, witty and fun. I also find the choice to go after such an evil as a company that grows human slaves in pits of fake wombs just to die young as a very emotional and compelling story.  The fact that there are places on the Earth today where even though we try such evil as slavery still exists is a political but important message that readers should take to heart.  Remember that every man and woman was born to be free in the eyes of God.

From The Poet’s Mouth,

Lyda Mae Dameron


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