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The Anime Heroic Age first aired on April 1, 2007.  All 26 episodes may now be viewed on Netflix dubbed in English.  I have managed to watch 19 episodes so far and find it very compelling.  The story line is very much based on Greek myths of Hercules  but placed in a future where humanity is fighting to retake Earth from a force known as the Silver Tribe.  A Human boy named Age who is bonded with a creature called a Nodos takes on the role of Hercules and his 12 labors to help humans become the winner in this strange fight to survive.  Along the way he must fight four others like himself.

The art is very beautiful with use of light and layering that give it a depth at times that draws in the eye.  The character design of the Nodos is truly well thought out and makes them frightening to behold when the characters bonded to them transform.  Though some lines used to define the female forms in the story give the impression of a permanent wedgie as part of their uniforms.

The story is very compelling and the main characters of such depth the audience will  either love them completely or want to reach out and slap them.   The characters I hate the most are the two human princes.  I find myself hoping that by the end of the story they will find some truly horrible demise.

The theme song at the beginning is a combination of opera and rock that is very beautiful to listen to and very emotionally sung.  The words may be in Japanese with a few Japlish slang words but the subtitle translation is very poetic and fitting to the story.

All in all a must watch series for the Anime lover.

From the Poet’s Mouth

Lyda Mae Dameron


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