The Iron Dragon III The Secret Empire   1 comment

Paul Genesse’s Iron Dragon series has only become more wonderful with each volume.  Book Three The Secret Empire has become more detailed, more fanciful and more suspense filled than the first two books put together.  His characters deal with the trials of a hunt for the king of all dragons and face both undead and shape changing demons as well as cultists and misguided politicos. Not to mention a desert crossing intended to end their lives.  Each chapter will draw you even further into the intrigue and danger.  Though I warn readers that one character will suffer an untimely end that is very grisly end straight out of a Greek tragedy.  The amount of detail is such that I will suffer nightmares of undead wingitars  and shape changing Sekkmets for at least a month, and the story strong enough that I can forgive the moment I was briefly in want of an airsick bag.  I look forward to the next volume with much delight and only hope that the wait will not be long.

From the Poet’s Mouth,

Lyda Mae Dameron


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