Life The Universe and Everything 30 Feb 9-11, 2012   Leave a comment

Life The Universe and Everything or LTUE is a Symposium or Conference held for Writers of Science Fiction and Fantasy in The Provo/Orem area of Utah every year for the last 30 years straight.  It’s full name is the Marion K. “Doc” Smith Memorial Symposium on Science Fiction and Fantasy.  The Symposium has had such Guests as Orson Scott Card, Kevin J. Anderson, Dave Wolverton, Rebecca Moesta,  and this years guest of Honor James A. Owen.   The Symposium has for the last 29 years been held at Brigham Young University but this year was moved to the Smaller State run Utah Valley University, this is Due the the Larger Religious School’s Deans choosing to no longer support the subject matter of the Coference.  The change of venue did not stop crowds as class rooms filled to the point of turning away late comers to popular presentations and panels.  There was also a rise of individuals choosing to wear costumes or Cosplay outfits to the conference, something the former location had discouraged.

Mr. Owen wowed crowds in his Friday Main address with stories of his young life and early carer.  Stories which proved that he is not just a great author and comic artist but a very determined and charming individual.   Presentations by the crew of Writing Excuses who recorded Pod casts that will air later this year left attendees with notes on how they can become better writers.  Panels on collaboration, how to insert romance, avoiding cliches, as well as “If Dumbledore had plotted for Snape to die” and many more topics were open to attendees.  Panels on “how to draw dragons” and “artists on art” gave those with aspiring ambitions in the artists field urges to get out the paper and try it from another angel than they might have been previously trying.

Chances to hear authors do readings of their latest works lead to the need for more rooms on Saturday.  For many attendees the chance to get books signed that day was simply the treat that made it all worth while.  I personally left with a copy of a book I have been waiting for with almost painful wishing, “Iron Dragon 3 The Secret Empire” by Paul Genesse.  I have previously reviewed the first 2 iron dragon books on Amazon and will review the third one once I have finished it.

From The Poet’s Mouth,

Lyda Mae Dameron


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