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To me Readers: Yes I have been gone a long time I have been ill and injured and fighting with my own personal Demons.  I can’t grantee that I will publish often but I will do my best to finish reviewing the stack of books that I have been given.  Though occasionally for my own sanity I must read and review something that has crossed my path and caused my mind to wonder.

Nearly Fifty years ago in 1966 the book Tarnsman of Gor, by John Norman was first published.  This was the first book in the Gorean Sagas or the Sagas of Counter Earth.  This Saga came to my attention because I have friends that play a Role Play Game based on the books in Second Life.  A game within the game if you will.   The codes of these Role Players intrigued me so that I sought out the books.  The first books I have been able to sit and Read in months.

The world of Gor in the novels is a planet that sits just opposite our sun at all times, Thus it’s second name of counter Earth.  This fictional sister to our world is controlled by alien beings that the inhabitants call the Priest-Kings.  These mysterious creatures use space ships to take humans from Earth, in secret, to live on the world of Gor.

The Tarnsman of Gor follows the journey of one such man.  Tarl Cabot is taken from Earth to be a trained as a Warrior Tarnsman. The Tarn being a giant bird that warriors of Gor use to fly into battle.  Once trained he joins the High cast of warriors and is sent on a mission to bring down the plot of a man who would Rule all of Gor. He lives through a harrowing adventure and finds the love of his life.

The only problem I see with the series is that it is very much a product of the misogynistic notions of a half century ago.  For on Gor no woman can live without a man to protect her.    Be she a free companion or a slave.  and any woman be she free or not may be chained or beaten as her owners sees fit.  For even a free companion is owned by someone.  This martial barbaric society has it’s charms but in the fifty years since the book was written; Women here on Earth have fought the same struggle.  Here in The United States and in Europe woman have gained power and freedom. But many women are still struggling with being owned and at the mercy of such things as Sharia law.

Read these books for the story but remember that they are only stories and the notion that a Woman needs to be owned and dominated should be left in the book.  For a real women should be treated with respect and permitted freedom to choose her own path.

From The Poet’s Mouth,

Lyda Mae Dameron

The poet may be reached by e-mailing (ravendove922@yahoo.com)



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Yes folks the rumors of my demise have been greatly exaggerated.  Though heaven knows the last year has tried, first there was the collapsing stool that lived up to its name then there was a car accident followed by a trainer at the gym who is incapable of understanding the words I have a spine injury.  All of which left me in a world of hurt again and again.  I have also been dealing with the recent death of my uncle.  Loosing someone who you loved fondly can put your mind off all else as you grieve.

But I digress,

“Rock Band Fights Evil Volume #1” by D.J. Butler is a very interesting thrill ride through a world where Hell wants everyone for breakfast.  A group of people who are damned for sure are forced together in strange circumstance and find themselves trying to fight back against Satan himself one fight at a time.  It’s interesting and not bad, though it serves a few too many of my own sacred cows up as a smorgasbord for my own taste.  Just be warned that in this universe angels are not to be trusted and fairies are half daemon and might be on the side of good.  But after a while jokes about boobs get old.  Now that I think about it this would make a good series of B movies.  Just don’t expect me to be in line at the theater I will wait for the DVD.

From the Poet’s Mouth,

Lyda Mae Dameron

(You can reach The Poet and her friends by e-mailing Ravendove922@yahoo.com)

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The following is an exchange between myself and Sammy Dress or http://www.sammydress.com and is fair warning as to why you should never do business with this China based fashion company.


Sammydress Customer Support At :11/03/2014 01:49:02 AM

Dear Lyda Mae,
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customers: Lyda Mae Dameron, shipping address: ******************** , city: Cottonwood Heights, state: Utah, zip_code: 84121, country:

US, phone: 8017550996

Tracking number: LN521148155CN,  shipping method: E post, tracking site: http://www.ems.com.cn/english.html, shipping date: October 28,2014 06:32:15 AM PST, estimated time: 7-10 business days

I am sorry  the shipping company update the information  late ,Could you check the information after a few more days?

Remain items, would you want to exchange or get refund?

sku*quantity:YC0370603 * 1

Please note that the above shipping times are reference only. The actual delivery time may be affected by peak shipping periods, public holidays,

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Best Regards

Sammydress Customer Support At :11/03/2014 02:33:08 AM

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thank you for finally letting me know what company has my package.  As to the peacock dress it is the one Item in your whole catalog I wanted most.

You do not carry enough dresses that will fit a woman who is 42″ 36″ 45″ and are modest enough to fit the standards of my Religion. which requires

that both men and women show no part of the body from the neck to the knees except the the arm to just above the elbow.  The two dresses that have

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thought would fit and meet my standards without making me look fatter than I already am.

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You are always welcome to contact us if you have further questions.

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You are always welcome to contact us if you have further questions.

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still not very happy with Sammy Dress.  The tracking services were not helpful.  If I recall correctly I paid extra for a tracking number.  This service

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sold with it being out of stock left me disappointed and the whole process of going through your catalog to try and find dresses that would fit and meet

the modesty standards of my religion left me with a bitter taste in my mouth.

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Sammydress Customer Support At :11/20/2014 09:48:57 PM

I have tried on both dresses with a little help.  They are both too small and smell like petrol.  How do I go about returning them and you had better

refund me the whole cost plus return shipping.

Sammydress Customer Support At :11/21/2014 01:44:14 AM

Dear Lyda Mae,

Thank you very much for your placing your order with us.

We are so sorry to hear that,wishing you a speedy recovery.

We very much regret hearing about you receiving the unfit product and wish to take this opportunity to apologize to you for the inconvenience caused.

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Ideally, the photos should be clear and focused, under good lighting conditions, and taken at close and medium distance.

Thanks for your understanding and assistance.

Kind Regards


Sammydress Customer Support At :11/21/2014 08:10:21 AM

I would love to send you the .jpg files I have taken but this form will not accept attachments at this time do you have an e-mail I can send them too


Sammydress Customer Support At :11/23/2014 08:50:17 PM

Dear Lyda Mae,

Thank you very much for your placing your order with us.

You can send the photos to the email address support@sammydress.com
and our colleague will receive it for me.

You are always welcome to contact us if you have further questions.

Best regards


Sammydress Customer Support At :11/25/2014 06:03:05 PM

I sent the picture to the email you gave from my Gmail account ***********@gmail.com.  I have not yet seen any action on them.  I am still here I

am still mad and I still want to send the smelly things back.  I will keep harassing you until action is taken.

Sammydress Customer Support At :11/26/2014 11:06:40 PM

Dear Lyda
We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience that may have been caused because of lots of demands.

I am sorry for the problem , if you want to return the package I am afraid you  need to pay the shipping fee.And our address is in China.

If the shipping fee too much I advice you to keep it or give it to your friend as a gift and we will give you a coupon code for the next order or a partial

refund.Can you accept that?

Looking for your reply.

Best regards,

Sammydress Customer Support At :11/27/2014 10:51:48 AM

I will not accept a coupon code as I will never be doing business with your company again  I will only accept a full refund and I will not be paying

shipping beck to China.  I will make sure my friends and family know never ever under any circumstances to order from you as well.

Sammydress Customer Support At :11/27/2014 08:29:30 PM

Dear Lyda Mae,

Thank you very much for your placing your order with us.

We wish to apologize for the difficulties you have been experiencing and regret to hear that you are not totally satisfied with our product.

As you know, our prices are very competitive and not considered expensive. Therefore the quality of a small number of the products may not be the

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Would you consider accepting 30 percent of the item price as a refund?  If this is acceptable then there is no need to return the item back to us.

We are extremely sorry for your disappointment. It is our obligation to reach out to every customer who is not fully satisfied. We will therefore also

offer a special discount for your next order.

We hope to hear your decision very soon so that we may resolve the matter together to your satisfaction without further delay.

Thank you so much for your kind understanding.

Kind Regards

Sammydress Customer Support At :11/27/2014 09:59:11 PM

The items are not only disappointing they are unwearable and because they smell so bad I can’t even give them away in good conscience.  I WILL






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‘The Gods of Garran’ by Meredith Skye tells a wonderful and imaginative tale that had me deeply enthralled.  The people of Garran once prospered under the direction of their Gods the Borrai. Then the Chanden came from the sky and killed the Borrai, claiming Garran and it’s riches for themselves while turning the inhabitants into their slaves.  Now there is a war brewing as the Garrans plan to revolt in answer to the brutal beating of a small boy. Tribe plots against tribe, forcing one young man to make hard choices to save what family he has left. His only hope is a Chanden Agent, who will end up giving her life over to a cause that she never even dreamed of for a world she wants desperately to leave behind.

There is an old Latin phrase, ‘Inter arma enim silent leges.’ it means ‘In times of war the law is silent.’ Meredith Skye does a wonderful job of creating characters and conflict that one can relate to and in illustrating the truth that in war there are villains and heroes on both sides.  The fact that both sides are guilty of terrible things leaves one with pause to think.  Because of the violence I would only recommend this book for mature readers, but I would definately recommend this book.

I would like to apologize for taking so long to post this review as my recovery from my fall took so long and was delayed by other medical issues.  I promise that I will get up my review for ‘Rock Band Fights Evil 1’  by D.J. Butler just as soon as I can finish reading it.

From The Poet’s Mouth,

Lyda Mae Dameron

you can contact The Poet and her friends by e-mailing (ravendove922@yahoo.com)

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I had hoped to be posting a review of “Gods of Garran” today but due to a freak accident involing the colaps of a folding chair my spine is very badly bruised. I won’t be allowed to type on a computer myself for several weeks. Please have patients while I recover.

FromThe Poet’s Mouth if not her hand,
Lyda Mae Dameron

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The night before a convention I am always filled with excitement and anticipation that makes it hard to sleep. Imagine when three different conventions converge on your currant home city over one holiday weekend. They may be separate events but they all blur together in one wonderful collage of color light and information overload. I spent July 3rd through 6th in such an overwhelming situation and I will try to review it for you as best I can.

I spent the morning of the 3rd in the Salt Lake City, City Creek, Marriott Hotel at WesterCon looking at art and talking with friends. Also passing out my card to venders and authors.  At lunch time I attended the book launch party for the Authors from “Writing Excuses” the pod cast series. For those who have never listened to Writing Excuses they are Epic Fantasy Writer Brandon Sanderson, Horror writer Dan Wells, Web Cartoonist Howard Tayler and Puppet Mistress Mary Robinette Kowal. There anthology “Shadows Beneath” is one I would very much like to review. I did manage to have brief conversation with Guest of Honor Larry Correia on Saturday but it was mostly about finding food and other needs before the mass book signing.

After lunch I had seen what was at the Marriott and went across the street to the Salt Palace to see what was at FantasyCon.  They would not let me in the main entrance of the building even though I was using a walker. Instead they sent me a block in the heat to the South end of the building This means that once I got in I was suffering heat cramps and my back was already starting to hurt. We complained to security and were informed that the hired security had not been informed that they would have people crossing the street to the main entrance from WesterCon until after both Conventions were opened and they had not hired enough security to man both doors. This problem was made worse on the second day when they started insisting that people enter only from the main South entrance. It was not fixed until Saturday which was too little too late for me because I ended up on the floor in back spasms for at least half an hour at the mercy of two nice EMTs while my daughter held the hem of my dress in place to cover my dignity. This does get ahead of my story but needs to be said because the situation effected everyone who was disabled not just me. I saw one woman wheel in the South Entrance in a manual wheelchair with sweat beading down her face and could not help but think if I feel this bad she looks worse and she had no companion to help her like I had my dear husband.

At the entrance of FantasyCon.

At the entrance of FantasyCon.

What went on inside the Salt palace was wonderful but in the air conditioned building walking was not so bad. The first think that greeted you on entering the main entrance were two giant Sentinel Statues made of foam and painted to look like stone. There were many great marvels on your journey between booths. Which I got pictures of on Saturday when I was with my daughter the camera did not work the first day and the second day I spent most of my time preparing for the Masquerade competition at WeasterCon. I did not go near the celebrity guest tables at FantasyCon because times being what they are I did not have Money to spend on getting in line to talk to any of them. Yes folks these days you have to buy a ticket for an autograph just to speak to most actors. Authors on the other hand you can get up close to so I did speak to Kevin J. Anderson briefly. Mostly about how big my daughter had gotten since he had first met me but also about crossing each others paths in a cross walk.

As the gentelman in the booth with him said. “Why did Kevin J. Anderson cross the road? Because there was a book signing on the other side.”

I am told that most people entered the Cosplay Competition at FantasyCon on Saturday Night and were unaware that there was a competition on Friday because the local CONDuit Masquerade which was joined with the WesterCon Masquerade is usually held on Saturday but was moved so people could enter events at both Conventions. A few such Snafus were inevitable.

Front View

Front View

Rear View

Rear View

The only thing I have to report from the Masquerade is a special prize for the Jewelery I made as part of my costume. I am use to a Masquerade that goes on for at least an hour but due to the circumstances this left us with 7 entries in total. this did however allow them to hold the Belly Dancing recital at an earlier hour than usual. The dancers were all very good and I finally understand why Charles Galway has such defined leg muscles. Yes a man can be a belly dancer too and you can enjoy it no matter whether you are attracted to men or not. It’s about artistry and skill no matter who is dancing.

After the Masquerade I had to be unpinned from my costume I had a zipper bust on me at the last minute. so I went from party to party in a Klingon forehead and half my Steam punk costume from the morning. This was the night of July 4th and fireworks could be seen all over the valley from the balconies of the Marriott. We enjoyed food at parties for upcoming conventions and Filk singing. Filk is a type of Folk music with Fantasy, Science and Science Fiction themes.  We were suppose to leave for the night at 11:00 but my oldest son who I use the nickename Drake for online decided to step out of the hotel without telling anyone while his phone was not working. This mean they spent half an hour on a Code Adam looking for him all over the hotel.  If you were there and heard about the Code Adam search for a 16 year old boy he is home safe and sound. For the record my sons call me Matoo (our Family word for step mother).

On Satuday I spent my time during the day devoted to time with my daughter who we shall call Roo. I do not post her given name online just like I don’t post my sons’ names. She is 11 and loves Fantasy and Sci-Fi on a level that I think drives my Ex-Mother-In-Law nuts. This was her first time at a convention but she enjoyed it very much. On Friday she went around with her Patoo (our family term for stepfather) at FantasyCon and Saturday with me at both conventions.

This picture was taken with Patoo's cell phone. I made the ears and tail to match her natural hair color.

This picture was taken with Patoo’s cell phone. I made the ears and tail to match her natural hair color.

The Cat Maiden's Beheading.

The Cat Maiden’s Beheading

On our way to FantasyCon Saturday we stopped and rode a peddle cab that was done up as a Dragon’s head.

Inside the Mouth of Bathshiba

Inside the Mouth of Bathsheba

The Peddlecab Driver

The Peddle Cab Driver

Inside the Salt Palace we had much fun with the our working camera and not only got people for my top ten costumes but also got pictures with the backdrops and props for our keepsakes. I will share a few of them with you.

The Mage battles The Rock Monster

The Mage battles The Rock Monster

The Mage Goes Steam Punk

The Mage Goes Steam Punk

The mage vs The Dragon

The Mage vs The Dragon

The Princess Dances For Jabba The Hutt

The Princess Dances For Jabba The Hutt

Thr Princess The Mage and The Elder Dragon

Thr Princess The Mage and The Elder Dragon

On our way out of the convention we came across something that had to be shared.

I'm not sure how to spell what this is but and Dr. Who fan will know what it is.

Steam Punk Dalek

After my Sweet Roo had collected a drawing of herself as a Zombie from the WesterCon dealers room she went back to her grandmother’s house and we continued the convention as a foursome with my Dear husband Floyd and my sons Drake and BedBug wandering about. because of what had happened on the night of the 4th my sons were told they had to stick together all day. This means that by days end they were both sick of each other but I was trying to teach them both a lesson about responsibility anyway.

I went to the mass book signing which gave me a chance to talk to friends and meet new authors as I pass out more cards and got more books to add to my stack of review submissions. At this point I have a stack that is fairly deep, so It will take me a while to reach the last books submitted. I got to talk to Paul Genesse who started me on this whole review blog notion. I have had to thank him for that more than once because I love to read and to blog.

At 9:30 there was a Filk Concert by Mark Osier dedicated to the members of the Writing Excuses cast with a set inspired by each of the four writers. Mary Robinette Kowal got up and sang “Rubber Ducky” as part of the set dedicated to her and Mark’s rendition of “A Boy and His Frog” left many in tears. For those who don’t know “A Boy and His Frog” is dedicated to the memory of Jim Henson and is sung from the point of view of Kermit The Frog. Mark’s Kermit voice is very good, so it was easy to believe Kermit was singing. His encore was “I want to be Han to your Leia” which is a great piece of New found Filk. After this we left for the night.

On Sunday the 6th only WesterCon was still going with FantasyCon having closed the night of the 5th. This was the only day I was able to sit in on any panels. These panels left me with a need to finish some original projects I have been working on. The results of these projects will spill into this blog as I read some books for research and hopefully enter some of my art in a few art shows.

Some special events I missed include a screening of the film “The Last Unicorn” which I have on DVD anyway. This screening did have the Author of the book it is based on present but I did not have a copy of his book for him to sign. all the Cosplay events at FantasyCon because I was just not able to be in two places at once. All panels held on the first 3 days because I had so much to do those days.

I had a wonderful time but I spent the week after in much pain and even had a migraine so bad that the air conditioning was too loud. The migraine is why this is posted a day later than I had hoped.

Now I give you my top costume picks. One thing to note is that in order to be considered for top costumes I have to catch you in a picture so if you feel your costume was better but you never had me take your picture I am sorry. There were a few people who missed out because they did not stop for me and being in need of the walker or a cane I can’t move fast. I am also obligated by law to ask permission to use your picture.

Honorable Mention "Dead Pool in a cute hat" I know that I got you without the hat too but that one just did not make top ten even though you made a wonderful replica costume.

Honorable Mention “Dead Pool in a cute hat”
I know that I got you without the hat too but that one just did not make top ten even though you made a wonderful replica costume.

Honorable Mention "The Last Unicorn" I really loved your lights in the horn.

Honorable Mention “The Last Unicorn” I really loved your lights in the horn.

costume number 10 "The Muse"

costume number 10 “The Muse”

Costume Number 9 "Let Them Eat Cake" I know that line is a misquote but it is what I think of.

Costume Number 9 “Let Them Eat Cake” I know that line is a misquote but it is what I think of.

Costume Number 8 "Pirate In Red" Love the atittude.

Costume Number 8 “Pirate In Red” Love the attitude.

Costume Number 7 "Dead Mouse" I told you, 'You are a contender".

Costume Number 7 “Dead Mouse” I told you, ‘You are a contender”.

Costume Number 6 "Masked Lady in Blue" Love the glitter.

Costume Number 6 “Masked Lady in Blue” Love the glitter.

Costume Number 5 "Crossplay Thor and Loki" I love when women make a part their own.

Costume Number 5 “Crossplay Thor and Loki” I love when women make a part their own.

Costume Number 4 "Steam Punk Lady" There is something about this costume that just says I am a lady but I will work had too.

Costume Number 4 “Steam Punk Lady” There is something about this costume that just says I am a lady but I will work had too.

Costume Number 3 "Lethal Elf Lady" I would not cross a lady carrying a dagger so openly.

Costume Number 3 “Lethal Elf Lady” I would not cross a lady carrying a dagger so openly.

Costume Number 2 "Creatures of The Forest" these ladies are from an acting troupe and look just lovely.

Costume Number 2 “Creatures of The Forest” these ladies are from an acting troupe and look just lovely.

Costume Number 1 "Hocus Pocus" Replicas of the 3 Withches from the Disney Movie "Hocus pocus and a Cross play of the zombie from the same movie. Sorry that it's a little blurry.

Costume Number 1 “Hocus Pocus” Replicas of the 3 Witches from the Disney Movie “Hocus Pocus” and a Cross play of the zombie from the same movie. Sorry that it’s a little blurry.

I hope you have enjoyed this post and that you will read more of my blog in the future.

From The Poet’s Mouth,

Lyda Mae Dameron

You may contact The Poet and her friends by e-mailing (ravendove922@yahoo.com)


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I have not posted a review in a few weeks because I have been working on preparations for the upcoming WesterCon 67 and FantasyCon, Fourth of July weekend extravigansa in down town Salt Lake City, Utah.  I will be presenting a costume on stage and I have been sewing and choreographing and practicing and researching.  It’s all coming together, I think that it will be worth all of the work, though in the end I will be sore and tired I will be stronger for the work I have put in.  Those of my readers who see me at the con will be a little surprised that I will be using a walker for the con but will not be using support on stage. This is because I need the walker to protect myself from overzealous crowds who might knock me down.  Under my own power I can do martial arts and dance to a certain level. I even recently found out the hard way that I can do a dodging roll if given the right circumstances.  Though I ended up with an injured neck and a very bruised knee for my troubles.  I will never be able to do some of the fancier moves or steps I once did but for now so long as I don’t push too hard or get trampled like I did at ComicCon Salt Lake I should be able to show you all what I can do.  The Masquerade costume stage presentation will be Friday the Fourth of July from 7pm till 9 pm. Hope to see you all at the Con.

From The Poet’s Mouth

Lyda Mae Dameron

You can reach The Poet and her Friends by e-mailing (ravendove922@yahoo.com).

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